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Rebates & Credits

Heating and Cooling

SCI REMC’s rebate program is designed to encourage members to purchase energy efficient equipment. SCI REMC members are eligible for rebates when buying qualifying air-source heat pumps, or geothermal systems                 image of house made out of dollar bills

  • Members are limited to two energy efficiency rebates annually. 

  • Once the paperwork is verified through your contractor or through an on-site visit from our Energy Advisor, the rebate will be submitted. (The process takes about 3-4 weeks.)

Available Rebates for Work Completed in 2017

*Effective January 1, 2016: Before and after pictures of work completed must be submitted with rebate paperwork. 

2017 HVAC Rebate Application

2017 Heat Pump Water Heater Application

Steps for submitting your rebate application:
-Fill out the 2017 Residential Rebate Application
-Save application to your computer
-From your personal email, attach application and send to

Heat Pump Water Heater

  • Minimum 40 gallon 
  • Must be a heat pump water heater
  • $400 rebate

New Construction or Replacement of Gas or Heat Pump*, with Air-source Heat Pump or Mini-split Heat Pump

  • Minimum 16 SEER (14 SEER for manufactured housing/trailer) 
  • *Units that do not qualify include: Window heat pumps, including “through-the-wall” heat pumps (hotel-type machines)  
  • Dual/variable speed compressor: $750 rebate
  • Mini-split requires two indoor head units per one outdoor unit. 

Replacement of Existing Electric Resistance Heat (electric furnace/baseboard/ceiling cable) with Air-source Heat Pump or Mini-split Heat Pump.

  • Minimum 16 SEER (14 SEER for manufactured housing/trailer)
  • Examples of Resistance Heat: electric furnace, electric baseboard, electric ceiling cable   
  • Residential Single Family Traditional and modular housing
  • Single speed compressor heat pump unit: $800 rebate 
  • Dual/variable speed compressor heat pump: $1,500 rebate
  • Mini-split requires two indoor head units per one outdoor unit. 

Geothermal Heat Pump (new construction or replacement with more efficient equipment)

  • Minimum 16 SEER
  • Geothermal $1,500 rebate
  • Requires desuperheater on new construction





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