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Lower Your Winter Heating Bills

With cold temperatures in our recent forecast that reached zero with windchill’s well below zero means the cost to stay warm will increase. Whether your heating source is gas, wood, oil or electric it’s going to take more to keep comfortable. Here are a few tips to help you manage your energy cost.
  • Run Fans – By running fans you force the warm air that rises to the ceiling to circulate therefore reducing the run time of your furnace. Set your thermostat fan setting to “On”, so it will run continuous.
  • Lower your thermostat setting – You will save up to 3% on your heating bill per degree lowered over a 24 hour period, or about 1% per 8 hours. The lower the temperature that you can still remain comfortable the more you could save.
  • Check your furnace filter – A clogged furnace filter will restrict the amount of air flow and cause your furnace to run longer than what is necessary to maintain the temperature setting. Clean or replace the filter as needed.
  • Check your windows – Approximately 10 to 25% of your heat loss is caused by air leaks and windows are common for air leaks, especially in older homes. Caulk and seal any known air leaks.

These are just a few no/low cost solutions to help reduce your heating cost in cold weather.

If you’re an South Central Indiana REMC member and would like to do more to lower your heating (and cooling) cost we offer a FREE energy audit that will identify areas in need of repair or upgrade that will help reduce energy cost. Contact Jordy Smith at 765-342-3344 ext. 156 or to schedule an appointment.









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