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Beat the Peak

“Beat the Peak” is a program designed to encourage members to become more aware of the energy they use and to reduce their energy usage during “peak” demand periods. Peak demand periods occur when the demand for electricity is the highest—weekdays, June-August, noon to 10pm, and December-February, 7-10am or 6-9pm.

During these peak periods, the REMC is charged a higher cost from our power supplier, Hoosier Energy. So, if we can all work together to help reduce the demand during these peak times, we can reduce the REMC’s power costs and minimize the increases to you on your monthly electric bill.

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Here’s how the “Beat the Peak” program works:


  • When the REMC determines that a peak period is approaching, we will alert participants by e-mail, text message, or phone call (up to 24 hours before the scheduled peak period). The message will include the date/time of the peak period and suggestions for limiting energy consumption during that time.
  • Then you make the necessary adjustments and save on your electric bill!

Find out more or sign up by calling us at 1-800-264-7362 or e-mail us.

Why does the South Central Indiana REMC want me to reduce my consumption?

SCI REMC is different than most electric utilities because it is a cooperative.  Since we are a cooperative, we are owned by YOU and all the other 33,000 members that are served by the REMC. Our goal has always been to provide energy to you at the lowest possible cost while encouraging you to use this energy wisely and efficiently. If we all work together to promote wise and efficient use of this energy, we can help hold down future energy costs that you pay each month.


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